Romeiros~Pilgrims | Magazyn FotoIndex

June 2012

The 9th issue of Magazyn Fotografii FotoIndex is devoted entirely to contemporary Portuguese photography. This special issue was curated by Marcin Górski, who is a great enthusiast and promoter of photography, a friend of Portugal and a member of a Portuguese photo collective Fotoalternativa. This issue includes: Alberto Monteiro “Sea And People”, Paulo Alegria “Romeiros”, Luis Duarte “Vaca Das Cordas”, Sofia Quintas “Love Motels”, Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira “Habitats”, João Pina “For Your Free Thinking”, Manuel Luis Cochofel “Slow (instant) Portraits”, Nelson D’aires “Leandro”, Pedro Nunes “The People’s State”.

Portuguese history – including the most recent – is rich. It still reverberates the social, cultural, and political life. It is not possible to review the wealth of subjects that range from the difficult relations with former colonies, the people of the Carnation Revolution, the victims and persecutors from the Salazar’s secret police who come to terms with their past, the Portuguese communists, nationalists, the corruption and football, all within the confines of this single issue of the magazine.

FotoIndex Magazine presents a complex mosaic composed of Portugal’s various running issues, filtered by talent and sensitivity of guest photographers. They are working photojournalists, documentary photographers, and artists who create subjective documents. They are significant authors who inspire Portugal’s photographic society – the leaders of the most important photographic collectives, creators of the first websites promoting Portuguese documentary photography, of influential galleries and publishing houses. It was a tough choice, as we could not feature other prominent and important photographers. Therefore, we should treat this issue of Fotoindex Magazine as an introductory meeting with Portuguese photography.

(in Le Journal de la Photographie)